Photo of founder Nuh Kimbawala sharing a mixology creation with you

I infuse sharing pieces of myself with every signature craft cocktail we produce. Enough about me let's talk about we and why we mix for you (WEMIX4U).

We are relentlessly passionate about building relationships while expressing our artistry and charge for unity through crafting exceptional signature cocktails for your exceptional events. 

We meticulously derive provocatively fresh, organic, and semi-healthy masterpieces that accentuate the experience of celebrating your events and productions. It is our absolute privilege and pleasure to responsibly and flawlessly seduce your refined taste buds and those of your most highly favored guest, friends and family within the pinnacle of your most precious moments.

We function as visionary pioneers and ambassadors for global awareness, peace and understanding by deploying elegant scrumptious signature cocktails as our reference points and cultural bridges. Cheers to your current and future successes and occasions! May we continue to honor and professionally serve you and yours (WEMIX4U) in tandem with all our HeartNSoul.